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Nobody wants to read your sh*t.

Nobody wants to read your sh*t.

If this headline caught your eye, then it's achieved the first step, that is that it's had some kind of IMPACT.

Generating sufficient curiosity for you to read further.

Now comes the difficult bit, and where most business to business (B2B) communications fall down, that being, each sentence you write after this must earn the ongoing attention of the reader.


1. They don't pay attention to boring stuff.

2. They're not idiots.

3 They're under no compulsion or desire to read what you've written, let alone keep reading it.

4. They have a lot of other things to do besides reading what you've written.

5. The other things are more important to them than whatever you've written.

So, make it as good as you possibly can, as each sentence you write must earn the ongoing attention of the reader.

Dave Trott, is a legendary creative in advertising. He has a very simple model for any ad or piece of marketing, and it is equally as applicable to emails, blogs, white-papers or even web copy.

Nobody wants to read your sh*t.

Your communication needs to be noticed, therefore it needs IMPACT.

For example, an email subject line that's interesting and hopefully gets your email opened and read.

Tip: Avoid boring stuff and tap into the reader's emotions.

Subject: The dirty little secrets of Storytelling.

Next, you need to COMMUNICATE. Pretty obvious really, but make it interesting. Make it the most interesting piece of writing you've ever written. For example, tell a story.

We all love a great story. And, if you can't, then for gawd's sake, write in an active voice. (Google it, if you're not sure what it means).

PERSUADE. Now you need to persuade the reader to act. Or, what is described in modern parlance, a "Call to Action". That doesn't mean, commanding your reader to do something, remember point 5 above.

It means, as you have communicated with them, that you've generated enough curiosity, interest and shifted them emotionally (like - fear, loss, tension, surprise, embarrassment, guilt, anger, or curiosity) to do what you want them to do. For instance, Reply; Register; Download. etc.

Nobody wants to read your sh*t.

Is actually the title of a very good book on the subject of Storytelling.

You'd be a much better communicator, writer, or sales person having read it.

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