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People, talent & teams


Imagine being able to consistently hire the very best people, what would that do for you?


What if you could predict the success of a candidate before making them an offer?

Would knowing exactly what motivates your employees help you be a more effective leader?

Sounds like a snake oil right? Think again, meet The Predictive Index.


The Predictive Index…what is that?

It’s a simple yet powerful and proven capability that gives business leaders and managers the power to better understand their employees. Giving insight into what motivates them and what is needed to help them

fulfil their true potential, whilst achieving business goals.

With The Predictive Index, you are able to profile the behavioural demands and motivators of any position; then map and develop the kind of people who are a natural fit to that particular position.

In the shell of a nut, The Predictive Index (PI) gives you a capability set of scientifically-validated online assessments, which dramatically increases your ability to attract, hire, develop and retain the right people who will help your business/ team grow.

Having taken a PI survey, the intelligence it surfaces about an individual, includes their:

  • Decision-making ability

  • Relationship to risk

  • Communication style

  • Leadership & management style

  • Selling & influencing style

  • Ability to handle change

PI gives you really useful intelligence about how a person is motivated AND what their job/ work environment needs look like in order for them to excel.

With this intelligence, you will more consistently attract and identify the best candidates, hire the very best people for your business/ team, whilst offering best-fit development opportunities to every employee/ player.

Many of our customers call it their secret weapon!

Would you like to know more?

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